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As one of the most populous nations in Africa, Zambia is a tremendous place to stay. Part of what makes life in Zambia so good, though, is the opportunity. Compared to other nations nearby, there is much to do and plenty of chance for you to enjoy yourself and to spread your wings as you go through your life. However, when it comes to betting and casino gaming, Zambia is one of the most interesting places in Africa. What, then, are the best betting sites in Zambia?

With so many sites to look through and so many Zambia betting sites to choose from, you might not be sure where to begin. In a bid to help you make sure you only put bets on with sites that you can trust, then we recommend you take a look at our guide to Zambia online betting sites.

Betting sites in Zambia 2020

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How we rate betting sites in Zambia

Just as when we evaluate any other part of the betting industry, we have a very strict system in place for how we fully evaluate betting sites in Zambia. With that in mind, we have put together a range of key factors that we take into account when reviewing any Zambia betting sites. In our discoveries, we tend to look out for the following:

  • How is the website operated? We’ll look to find out who is behind the website. The operator always matters, as we can tell a lot from a betting site based on who is supposed to run the website itself.
  • How is the website certified? Any betting sites in Zambia that you consider using should come with a clear certification that lets you know how trustworthy they are. We look to verify their certification beforehand.
  • How does the betting site run? Outside of the ethics of the ownership, we also look at operational quality. Does the website quickly load? Does it have issues with saving or storing your credentials?
  • Is the website secure? Security is everything, and we always look to make sure that the website is 100% secure. This is essential, ensuring that the website is safe for you to use both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • What software does it operate on? The software behind both betting operations and gaming options is very important. We look to evaluate the quality of any of the software that is being used to help evaluate its quality overall.
  • What about customer support? We also look at the customer support standards. Customers need to know that they can get the help that they need, so we’ll look closely at any customer support provided for you.

These factors play a major role in our determination of any Zambian betting sites. We look to store these as the most important factors in the evaluation process, letting is know if they are capable of meeting the standards that you expect and deserve. This is an essential part of the process, so we look to take it very seriously.

Live betting in Zambia

You can often place bets during the middle of an event in Zambia. Most forms of Zambian betting sites will allow you to have a live bet if you so choose. This gives you the chance to pick up a pretty hefty sum of money if you spot something in a game that might give you a chance to win big.

Mobile betting in Zambia

You’ll also be pleased to know that mobile betting in Zambia is a possibility. You can take part in mobile betting with ease, with most of the sites either having mobile applications or a mobile-friendly website. This means that you can place your bets even if you forgot to place it before you headed out to the bar or to see some friends!


Can I place bets legally in Zambia?

Yes. Sports betting, casino gaming and lottery gaming are all 100% legal in this country. While you should always check if a betting site is safe for you to use personally, it’s legal for you to take part.

Can I play with kwacha?

Yes, many casinos will be happy to take Zambian kwacha. However, you might need to use a money wallet to help convert your money into a currency that is accepted by some betting sites in Zambia.

Can I play with betting sites outside of Zambia?

Yes, many sites will be happy to take your membership. However, we recommend that you look into the regulation closely for each casino. If you are unsure about their ability to take your bets fairly and ethically, then contact customer support.

Can I get customer support in my native tongue?

More or less every major betting site in Zambia will have access to English-speaking customer support, so you should have no problem in getting any help should you run into any issues with your Zambian betting.

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