Tennis betting tips

Without doubt, tennis is one of the most high intensity individual sports around. Watch two tennis players rallying back and forth for a few hours, and you’ll probably start to feel tired yourself. Tennis is a tough and high intensity sport, so it can be hard for you to get to grips with as you would have intended. However, if you are looking for ways to use tennis to make some money, then we have some tennis betting tips below.

While tennis is notoriously hard to bet on given how quickly a match can swing in momentum, we have some general tennis betting ideas for you to try and stick to. If you use any of these tips to your advantage, then you might find that your own tennis betting results start to improve over time.

Get used to learning about data

First off, work out who you will be betting on. Male tennis is normally managed by the ATP, while female tennis is managed by the WTA. Go to their websites and you can find a gluttony of information on each player on the tour. You can find stats about how they are playing, what they are up against, and how they perform at various courts and surfaces.

This is immensely useful for making sure you can fully understand how to go about playing tennis betting to your advantage. You might find that some players who are out of the top 100, for example, are making huge strides and have started to record a few landmark wins.

Look at how they are playing – if you spot a player who is lower down in the rankings but sems to have vastly improving performance numbers, then you should give them a shot. They won’t have many odds in their favour, but you might find they simply have the ability to do better than they are presently.

It’s a great way to work out who is playing well and who is not. By the same token, look for highly ranked players who seem to be on a downward curve in terms of performance.

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Look into the surface being used

Many players are awesome on grass, but useless on clay. The same goes for the opposite – most players enjoy one surface over the other. It’s why some players can dominate one Grand Slam but achieve nothing in the Grand Slam events held on a different surface.

If you notice a player with underlying stats showing they are struggling on clay, then bet against them on most matches. Even though they might have that statistical quirk, it’s not going to be reflected in their odds so much. This can make it easy for you to find a stat that you can use to help you get a surprisingly high price on a player who is almost certain to win.

Understanding how players handle each surface is a vital part of your tennis education, so be sure to put the time in to understanding and grasping this closely.

Do they handle setbacks?

While this can take a lot of research, look into a player’s propensity to handle a setback. Many players are good at flying into a lead, but as soon as their foe hits back they lose all focus and consistency. We recommend that you try and avoid letting this become part of your betting; look for players who lack the mentality to go all the way in big games.

This can help you to come up with a smarter tennis tip that is going to help you pick out players who lack the needed mental fortitude. It’s good for making sure you don’t keep backing a player who seems to have good pedigree but always seems to fall down when it matters the most. This can make your betting not only more accurate, but more likely to deliver welcome returns.

Don’t bank on big servers

One thing you might find is that players who have a high serving ratio aren’t good at long rallies and breaking down a quirky opponent. This is a strange quirk in tennis, but its been shown to be the case. You might find someone with a vicious serve who can score plenty f aces – but if they aren’t any good at breaking a serve or handling a long rally, are they worth covering?

We would say no. However, big servers tend to get the odds in their favour, so we recommend you use that to your advantage. You should stop banking on a big server all the time, as they often aren’t as competitive as their dominating serves might imply. This is good for helping you to find not only players to go against, but smaller players to back who might suit the rallying game more than dominating via big services.