Indian online casinos

Today in India, one of the most popular ways to spend your time is to go and play on the various Indian online casinos. As India continues to modernise and roll out internet to many other parts of the country that were previously without, it’s easier than ever for someone to get access to the numerous Indian online casinos out there.

There are numerous popular online casino sites in India, including sites that are based abroad. Today, though, Indian online casinos are some of the most important in the industry – they have become one of the largest casino users in all of Asia.

Top online casinos in India

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How we choose the best Indian online casinos

When we go through the various online casino platforms that you can pick from, we’re fully aware of just how much opportunity there is. That’s why we recommend that if you intend to get one of the best Indian online casinos that you take a look at the following information. It’s going to go some way to making sure you can understand how we have picked up each casino platform. The criteria that we use when looking at Indian online casinos include:

  • The quality of their performance on both desktop and mobile devices; how stable is the performance on either of these devices?
  • The quality of the welcome bonuses that are being offered out by those involved. What kind of bonuses can you get if you choose to sign up with said company?
  • Security standard matters, too, and we always look to evaluate Indian online casinos based on how safe and secure they would be to use for those who are taking part.
  • Deposit and withdrawal options – how easy is it for you to get your money in/out of your account in India? Is it going to be easy to access your money in a timely manner?
  • How quickly can you expect to get your money out if you have made a big winning? Can you expect this to be done anytime soon? Are you likely to face problems or delays?
  • The customer support level being offered is a big part of the process, too. We look to only pick Indian online casinos that come with a proven customer support platform.
  • Where are these Indian online casinos licensed? Are they domestically licensed or are they licensed in one of the other trustworthy parts of the online casino gaming scene?
  • What kind of games and software is being used? Do they have a good variety of places to pick from, and are they able to make sure they can get access to new games from major providers?

Live casino gaming in India

Live casino gaming is a bit part of the scene in India, and many platforms run using online dealer games. We have picked up a range of online platforms that can give you live dealer access to popular games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. This should make it easier for you to find a gaming scene that you can feel comfortable working within and ensure that you can find the best games for your own personal needs without issue.

If you are someone who enjoys online casino gaming, then all of the Indian online casinos that we provide above have access to some form of live gaming.

Mobile casino gaming in India

Mobile casino gaming is very popular today, and many gamers take part in the gaming industry thanks to this. Mobile casino gaming is a major part of all of the sites we have listed above, too; this should make it quite easy for you to find games that perfectly suit your needs and your style. This is a big reason why we recommend that you take a look at Indian online casinos that we have listed above. Each of them have a solid reputation for running well on mobile platforms as well as desktop devices.


Can I pay using Rupees?

Yes, you should have no problem at all using your local currency to pay. Since most casinos accept platforms like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal, you should have no problem making payments.

Do I pay tax on my winnings in India?

Yes, you will need to pay taxation on any of your winnings. This falls under Section 115BB, which means that you pay around 30% of your winnings in tax.

Can I play online casino games on casinos based outside of India?

Yes, you can. Many of the Indian online casinos we have listed above are recognised as being licensed somewhere outside of India, but you can still use them to play.

Is it possible to get customer support for an Indian player?

Yes, all of the casinos we have listed above will be happy to help you regardless of where you are from. If you are an accepted member of their casino, then customer support should be able to help you in a language that you feel comfortable speaking in.

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