Hockey betting tips

For anyone who is getting into ice hockey for a bet, it’s a hard sport to get to grips with. Hockey tends to have some very interesting ideas, but one thing you will notice is that it’s got a lot of parity. It’s not often that you see a one-sided scrubbing in this particular sport. Most of the time, actually, the hockey is going to be quite competitive.

That’s why you might need some professional hockey betting tips. Otherwise, you might find it a bit tougher to get the kind of bets down that you had intended to place to begin with!
Finding good quality hockey betting tips can be tough, though. It’s not an easy sport to judge, so it can be tough to make a good get. If you want some help in making the most of your hockey betting ideas, though, keep on reading.

We’ll try and break down everything that we think matters when it comes to placing a good bet on the ice hockey. Whether it’s a European based game, a college game, or an NHL play-off, the same rules should apply. Ice hockey is massively competitive, so try keep the following ideas in mind.

Get used to handicap betting

The first major tip that we have for you is to understand the importance of handicap betting. Today, handicaps are a major part of working out what kind of a deal you are getting from your chosen bookmaker. Most of the time, you will be able to go for things that would make a lot of sense.

You could be going for things like the total number of goals, or a simple bet on who wins. Handicap betting, though, is absolutely perfect for placing some bets on ice hockey. It’s good when you are looking to bet on one team that is highly favoured against the other. You’ll get a handicap from the bookie, meaning that the number of goals for the winning margin can be handicapped.

So, if someone has a handicap of -1 then you would need them to win by more than a single goal. So, you would need 4-2 as opposed to a 3-2. This can be confusing, and it could see you placing bets on matches that – really – you shouldn’t have put your money on. Keep that in mind as you go forward with your bets, and it might get a bit easier for you to bet without making any mistakes.

These are the best sites to improve your handicap betting:

Betting on the money line

If you are new to betting on ice hockey, then you might not have a clue what this means. Betting on the ‘money line’ means that you are betting on the team that is actually to win. So, for the most part, this means that placing a bet on a team to win means that if that team does win then you should get some nice bonuses back if they win.

However, you might also have to look into what is known as the ‘run’ or ‘puck’ line. This is all about handicaps, basically. This can be somewhat confusing, but it’s all about either betting on a team to get either a win or a loss within the region that is offered. For newbies to ice hockey betting, it can seem quite convoluted. Once you do it a few times, though, you should be able to get the hang of this quickly enough.

It’s a good way to make sure that you can start to gasp the often needlessly confusing rules of ice hockey betting, though, so be sure to get used to betting on the right line.

Talking about good money line betting, take a look at these bookmakers:

Be sure to read the form book

While ice hockey is a sport where form can mean nothing, it’s always good to know the general run of form going into a game. You can find many analysis sites that can break not only how a team is winning or losing, but why. From how they play the puck to the kind of line-up they use; you can find out a lot about what is making a team successful or unsuccessful without much effort.

It’s a good way to give you a much closer idea of what kind of betting you should be doing. Basically, if you are going to put a team to win because they have really high odds, there’s probably a reason for that. Take a look not only at the form book, but also at the kind of wins and losses they have been getting. Why are they on such a run? Could that run come to an end by their next opponent being right/wrong for them?

It’s a tough sport to bet on, but if you use the above then you should hopefully get a chance to start making a few more successful hockey bets.