Pro betting tips on soccer

Would you like to earn like a betting pro? This is a question that can appear a little contradictory. Most of the people think that online betting is just fun, but actually there is someone that has made this hobby a real source of income.

Do you know that there are big financial institutions that invest part of their portfolio to earn with sports betting? In United kingdom, for example, this is becoming one of the most recurrent praxis.

You can make sports bets a real business, but you must act like a professional and you must apply all the right strategies. In this post you will find the detailed explanation of all most used bet by professional bettors, for a long term earning with online bets.

Single Bet

First advice to become a pro in this field, is to bet always and only single bets. In fact, experts know that wagering on 2 or more events, the bookmaker’s margin increases.

Technically speaking, betting on multiple bets tends to completely reset the eventual value you found. For example, if you have an odd of 20.00, from the perspective of chance, the multiple outcome is like 0.05% (calculated like 1/20.00).

Double chance bet

A valuable alternative to multiple bets is the double chance bet. It is a type of bet that let you cover two signs on three (1X, X2 and 12), increasing winning possibility.

This kind of bet can be profitable if approached with the right strategy: you can reach even 66% winning chance, excluding team power.

These are the best bookmakers which offer odds on double chance bet:

Over 0.5

“Over” bets fall within that category of markets that consist to predict the number of goals in a certain soccer match. In particular, over 0.5 is the most valuable, because it give you a winning even if only one goal is scored during the match.

To place this type of bet, these are the best bookmakers with Over 0.5 odds:

Under 5.5

Contrary to the operation of “over” bets, the “under” bets are based on the fact that a lower number of goal is realized compared to the declared value.

A quite safe bet to play is “Under 5.5”, where you win if in the match are scored less than 6 goals.

These are the bookmakers with the best odds on “Under 5.5”

First Half double chance bet

This is a type of bet where you must predict the match’ result after the first 45 minutes of play. Like the “Double chance bet”, you can choose between two option to guess the outcome.

This is a kind of betting that has 66% of winning possibility on only the first half, excluding team power.

Here is a list of the operators with the best odds on First half double chance.


Now that you have understood what are the best bets to play, before you start wagering you need to keep in mind (especially if you are a beginner): “An odd is a challenge between who decides the odd and you that you decide to play it”.

Among the odds there is often added value, and if you are good to find it, you sure will gain more money on the long term.