Strategies for Online Betting: always bet the same amount

What is the fixed-bet strategy and how does it work?

Among the various online betting strategies and techniques, there are two that are widely used both by professionals and by betting enthusiasts: the Fixed Staking System and the Variable Staking System.

As you can well understand from the name, the Fixed Staking System is the strategy according to which you always aim the same amount of money on every bet played. In practice, if you decide to play 20 euros, you always bet 20 euros regardless of the odds.

Example of Fixed Staking System

Starting from the advice that it is always better to play on the single bets so as not to increase the price (that is the advantage that the bookmaker has on the bettor that rises exponentially in multiple bets) if you decide to always bet 20 euros we will do it both for the bets with 1.50 share and with 2.40 share.

The advice of our editorial staff is to choose odds with a rather reduced range, for example always betting on odds that vary from 1.60 to 2.10 is a good starting point.

Advantages and disadvantages of the fixed bet

The Fixed Staking System is considered by many to be a fairly safe betting technique and therefore recommended for amateurs and novice pros. In fact, this technique allows us to maintain and manage the bankroll and allows us to be very disciplined in our online bets.

Furthermore, thanks to this betting strategy, losses can be limited as we have total control over the amount of money to bet on each event.

Obviously, the technique of always aiming at the same number also has some disadvantages; the most striking is certainly that, if on the one hand it contains our losses to a minimum, on the other it strongly limits our ability to make high winnings.

For all these reasons, the fixed-bet system is recommended for the less experienced and for those with little risk tolerance as this betting technique allows a good bankroll preservation (ie. our budget available for online betting).