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Exclusivebet review

Looking for a new sportsbook to try out? Then you will be all too aware of just how many options are out there. One option that is gaining some traction with gamers, though, is that of Exclusive Bet Sportsbook. Though it does have some issues revolving around it, it’s a generally high-ranking sportsbook site that has become a popular choice for quite a lot of gamers.

The website first popped up in 2013, and those who are looking for a simple and recreational experience might find what they are looking for here. For those who are looking for a permanent home, though, we’re not sure if Exclusive Bet is quite right for you. It is, though, a decent place to start for most people looking for a flutter.

ExclusiveBet is suitable for players from United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Uruguay, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda.

Exclusivebet: bonus 

If you choose to try out this sportsbook site, then you will be happy to know that you get some decent deals and promotions over time. The best deal is the one you get when you first sign up – a €100 bonus on your first deposit. Simply put in the full €100 on your own and you will get it back as a matched starting bet. It’s a good deal, and one worth trying out if you are looking for some added value for money.

Another nice touch is their various deals, such as 10% cashback on all sport deposits during weekends. You also get a monthly top-up bonus that can be as high as €100, giving you a chance to pick up some handy little extra bonuses if you are willing to put in the time.

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Exclusivebet: payments accepted

With this site you get the majority of normal withdrawal and deposit options. you get the normal access to all major bank and credit cards, as well as excess via Neteller and Skrill as well as some other eWallet systems. For the most part, withdrawing and depositing cash is a simple process and it should not give you any stress.

It’s a good enough starting place for most people, though sometimes larger amounts can take a bit longer to get in and out of your account so just keep that in mind if you do decide to try this out. Overall, though, withdrawal and deposit systems work as intended.

Exclusivebet support 

Customer support is pretty solid, with Live Chat and e-mail support provided if you are looking for help. Support is often quite happy to respond quickly, and you should have no problem getting a full response. However, the internet is awash with ex-users having unhappy conclusions to disputes, with many people either seeing winnings withheld from being released or being unrecognised entirely.

Support, though, are friendly and do their best to try and find some kind of reasonable conclusion to your problem. While support might not always be useful, they are friendly, helpful, and cheery.

Exclusivebet mobile app

Exclusive Bet also has a decent little mobile app that you can use – well, not so much an app as a mobile-friendly website. Simply visit the website and you can load it all up on the browser without any issues. Most sports betting systems will work just find on the mobile edition, so you should notice no loss of functionality or usability if you use the mobile website.

Overall, though, the website can be a little too busy on a smaller screen. Anyone using a tablet, though, should have ample opportunity to click around without clicking onto anything they might have rather avoided clicking on.

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Virtual sports betting

Virtual sports betting is also provided, and this should give you something else to bet on if you are really looking for something different. If you aren’t too keen on a 3AM bet on the Bolivian football league, then you can always use a virtual sports betting platform to bet on anything from horse racing to football and tennis.

Virtual sports betting is a fun, simple and always available option that allows you to put your wager down more or less whenever you want, allowing you to really enjoy the experience and make the mots of it as you move forward.

Pros and Cons of Exclusivebet


  • Good quality website that is easy to navigate on all devices.
  • Solid enough standard of promotions, encouraging users to return.
  • Secure and safe website with fast loading times and no real issues.
  • Good variety of sports to bet on, including virtual sports if you choose.
  • Customer support is often quick and friendly to respond to any issues.


  • Withdrawing larger sums of money can take longer to process than other sites.
  • Customer support cannot always find a satisfactory conclusion to your disputes.
  • Numerous online accounts of previous users not happy with support outcomes.

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