Cricket betting tips for free

As one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom, cricket holds a special place in the hearts of many. It’s also massive in other nations like India and Australia, but it has a genuinely massive crowd of fans in the United Kingdom, especially England. However, if you want to place some bets on cricket, you might not really know where to start!

If that is the case, we have some simple cricket betting tips for you to follow along with here. Go along with these, and you should find it pretty easy to start placing some accurate bets on one of the best cricket betting sites.

01. Get used to using weather apps

The best betting tip for cricket that we have for you is simple – get used to looking at weather apps. The weather is so important in a game of cricket, so make sure that you get used to looking at weather. You could find that a bit of accuracy about the weather could help you to make more informed bets, as we all know just how important the weather is to a teams playing style.

02. Always bet with the best odds

It’s common for people to go to back the team they think will win without really looking at the odds being offered. Make sure that you get a good price for what you have backed; it’s better to bet on the team with smaller odds of winning.

Backing the team who has odds that represent their chance of winning is better than simply backing the same old favourites time and time again. Getting out of that comfort zone is very beneficial indeed.

03. Learn about the consequences of buying runs

When you want to bet on the team that you support, it’s increasingly tempting to want to try and buy runs for the big returns that it can come with. However, this means that you could end up putting yourself under needless risk.

Make sure that you understand that markets are often being put to artificial prices by the bookies, and this can avoid you getting caught-up with the hype.

04. Don’t always back one side

A good way to make a bit of extra success when betting on cricket is to back both teams more often than not. Don’t get stuck with betting on the one side or covering the same teams all the time; try and vary it up, bet on both sides if you can!

Few sports see a momentum swing quite like cricket, so sticking with the one team will often produce poor results.

05. Never back the draw

Many people invest their money into backing draws in cricket, but we think that betting on the draw – at least betting regularly on the draw – is a rookie mistake. Draws are a very popular bet in cricket, particularly after the first day of a test match.

Don’t back the draw all the time; covering the team who has plenty of momentum is likely a better bet if you want a higher chance of getting some surprise results when the momentum turns and the condition of the pitch begins to fall away.