Pro betting tips on soccer

Would you like to earn like a betting pro? This is a question that can appear a little contradictory. Most of the people think that online betting is just fun, but actually there is someone that has made this hobby a real source of income. Do you know that there are big financial institutions that … Read more

Best Indian betting sites

India Sports Betting Gambling regulation in India starts very early with “The public gambling act” of 1867 that creates a sort of “grey” legality. This document provided rules to operate, finance and visit a gambling house. Obviously, in the recent years, the act was followed by many others, especially the “Information technology act” of 2000. … Read more

Best african betting sites

Africa sports betting Betting became popular in African countries about 50 years ago, sports betting in particular reached a big popularity over the past few years. The fastest growing markets are South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya, meanwhile Uganda and Tanzania, for example, move a little slower. Why sports betting is becoming so popular in Africa? … Read more

Best betting sites in Mexico

Mexican sports betting Mexican bettors love to wager on sports, especially soccer from all over the world. The most followed competition is obviously Liga MX, the top domestic league, but also european soccer and the american MLS.  Baseball is surely the second sport liked by mexicans, in some regions (sinaloa, sonora and others) even more … Read more

Best colombian betting sites

Colombian Sports Betting In Colombia, gambling makes its appearance during the colonial era but the government allows these activities only during the World War II era. The official permission to casinò gambling was promoted in 1943. After that, gambling legality was reinforced in 1977 and in 1978, so Colombia can be considered one of the … Read more

Best Argentinian betting sites

Argentinian sports betting Betting and gambling in Argentina have a long tradition started in the late 1800s. Nowadays some types of gambling are legal and regulated, and others are prohibited by the law. Making a comparison with other South American countries, we can say that Argentina has a relaxed feeling with gambling and betting, that … Read more

Best brazilian betting sites

Brazilian sports betting Brazil is the 5th largest population in the world and sports betting are very popular in the state, even if the brazilian government bans many form of betting on sports, like it did in the past with the 2015 online gambling bill (which regulates and taxes online sportsbook). Brasilians love to wager … Read more