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As a nation that is seeing some quick growth within the gambling scene, Cambodia has become a major name within the Asian betting scene. The vast economic growth of the nation across the last decade means that more people have access to things like online activity, and tourism is thriving. The rush of tourists looking to bet, mixed in with the rush of people who are engaging in online betting activities, means the scene is generally thriving.

Like most Asian nations, betting in Cambodia has grown quite organically over the last decade or so. The Kram legislation that came into place in 1996, though, meant that gambling was officially illegal. All kind of gambling throughout Cambodia was banned unless it was given royal permission. The first company to receive a license was CamboSix, who got a 9-year license in 2002.

It was revoked after 7 years, though, after gambling was seen as being associated with a rise in crime levels across the country. However, despite the laws that are in place, many regulated casinos are found across the country that are allowed to exist. For example, many people choose to go to Poipet, a heaven for gambling, with around 3,000 people travelling here every day.

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Sports betting safety and Legislation in Cambodia

As mentioned above, the Royal government of Cambodia is the one that sets the rules and regulations for gambling. While most gambling is going to be banned in the country, certain places like Poipet make it easy for Cambodian gamers to reach out and find out what they are looking for.

The largest betting company is Nagaworld, and this has a 70-year license that won’t expire until 2065. Cambodian regulations are very much in place and aren’t going anywhere soon. With no regulated betting companies online, either, this is a market that still has much growth to achieve. Gambling is illegal for locals, but legal for tourists and expats.

What do Cambodians like to bet on?

Since betting is illegal in Cambodia outside of the very few locations that are allowed, and with the fact that gambling is illegal meaning no online betting sites exist, it’s hard to get a full gauge on what is the most popular things to bet on within the country. While gamers can take part with companies like 12Bet, SBOBet, Dafabet, and 1888Bet, they cannot do so online.

The most popular betting object for most Cambodians is that of Asian Handicap football betting. These are often done through anonymous agents on the ground who take bets from customers in person.

Cambodian bettors payment options

As mentioned above, the Cambodian ban on betting means that the only way to make payments is going to be in cash. There are no online casinos that you can use (legally), and this means that you would be unable to make any kind of electronic payment without breaking the law.

Cambodian gambling resources

While some bookmakers abroad will take Cambodian sign-ups, like Betfair, there is generally an acceptance that if you wish to make a bet within Cambodia that you will be doing so with cash. If you wish to know more about the confusing and ever-changing Cambodian gambling laws, be sure to understand the Cambodian gambling laws for expats.