Best betting promotions 2024

What is the best welcome bonus offered by foreign bookmakers in 2024?

We have compared all the online bookmaker welcome offers to find out which are the best value, the easiest to unlock; in a nutshell, we want to find the best welcome bonus. Currently, the vast majority of foreign betting operators tend to offer a $100 bonus, with conditions that obviously vary from one site to another.

Best bet offers rank 2024

  1. 22Bet – Claim your 122$ bonus
  2. BetonlineClaim your 1,000$ bonus
  3. MyBookieClaim your 1,000$ bonus
  4. SportsbettingClaim your 1,000$ bonus
  5. EvobetClaim your 150$ bonus
  6. BetssonClaim your bonus
  7. DafabetClaim your 80$ bonus
  8. ReloadbetClaim your 120$ bonus
  9. MelbetClaim your $100 bonus
  10. KTOClaim your $10 bonus
  11. BetrebelsClaim your $150 bonus

What types of bonuses?

The welcome bonus is a betting site’s “introduction”, which convinces the user to opt for one portal over another.

There are generally two types of bonuses awarded by bookmakers: deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. Refunding losses also exists, but this is much less widespread.

First deposit bonuses from online bookmakers

As confirmed by the experts of, the deposit bonus is measured as a percentage (usually 50% or 100%, as for Betworld) calculated based on your first deposit into the player account (sometimes even on subsequent deposits).

Let’s use an example to make it clearer: if a site offers 50% up to $100 and you deposit $50, you will receive a $25 bonus (50% of the amount); if you deposit $300, you will receive a $100 bonus (the maximum available, even though 50% would be $150).

We can see the case of 100% up to $100: if you deposit $50, you will receive the same amount (in practice the bonus doubles your deposit). If you deposit $120, you will receive $100 (as mentioned before, the maximum allowed).

Generally all welcome bonuses must be unlocked by betting a certain number of times their value (the so-called “rollover“); this is also a factor to be taken into consideration when choosing the bookie.

No deposit bonuses from the bookmakers

The other option is the no deposit bonus, which is generally associated with the first bet (or the first few bets). In this case the limits are set at the minimum quota level your bet must have, and in some cases even the minimum amount (less frequent).

As in the previous case, this bonus is also subject to game volume, and must be bet a certain number of times to unlock it and be able to withdraw winnings.

Losses refund bonus

This type of bonus is little used by international betting operators, and is instead more often offered as a weekly, monthly or special event promotion.

How does it work? In practice you have to make your bets and if, in some situations specified in the promo, you do not win, you will be refunded a percentage of the amount you bet. In these cases the most common percentages are again 50% and 100%.

Welcome bonus: aspects to consider

The first aspect that comes to mind is: how much money do I get from the bonus? It is certainly one of the most important factors, the one that convinces many users to choose one portal over another. But what if the amount can only be unlocked under certain conditions? For this, the best welcome bonuses are the so-called “free” ones, that are released without any special conditions.

On the other hand, they are also the least widespread: it is easier to find progressive bonuses that can be unlocked when certain game volumes are reached. We therefore introduce the concept of “rollover”, which represents the number of times a bonus must be bet before the winnings can be withdrawn. If it is around 10X or 20X, it is still considered “easy” to unlock. If it goes up to 30X or 40X, unlocking starts to get more challenging.

It is another factor that goes unnoticed by many users, but the unlocking times must be taken into consideration. The bonuses always have a deadline, and if they are not unlocked by that date, they expire. On average we are talking about 14 days, but some even last 30 days (and conversely others last even less time). Our advice is to always read the terms and conditions of the bonuses closely before choosing who to play with.