Baseball betting tips

Betting on the hugely popular sport of baseball can be, for many people, an easy way to make the game more exciting. If you don’t follow a team or watch the sport much, then it can be hard to get truly into the spirit of things.

If you would like to start enjoying baseball like never before, though, you should consider trying to use some of the following baseball betting tips.

Each one should go some way to making sure you can really enjoy the intensity of the baseball experience, all the while making you a few bucks along the way.

Vote against public consensus

One of the best ways to make a few bucks from betting on baseball is to vote against the public opinion. If you see that a team is getting absolutely rammed with bets, then you might wish to go and back someone else instead. This is because the majority of bets from normal punters lack strategy – they’ll back team A to beat team B because they are managed by coach X, not coach Z.

Taking this into account is very important, as you can find that you end up getting a good bit back. Since the public ends up distorting the odds to such an artificial level, you can get a lot more if you go against the court of public opinion. This is much more likely to pay dividends for you in the long run because you will be able to get a lot more back simply by betting against a team with artificially high odds.

It’s all about making sure that you can get the help that you need to understand that underdogs who are getting less than half of the bets tend to do better than those numbers actually suggest.

These are good bookmakers where you can bet against the public consensus:

Pay attention to the weather forecast

While weather might not seem like it matters in a sport like baseball, it’s actually one of our premium baseball betting tips. if you take the time to look into what weather might be coming, you can get ahead of the game and the other punters. Wind is the most important factor – if you see a game is going to be having high winds (anything above 5mph can cause issues at baseball) then you should definitely place a bet on that game.

The aim is to try and find way to try and understand how the wind is going to impact on the game. With wind blowing in, it can make the game a much higher score – especially for teams who are lower down on the rankings.

With the wind blowing out, you can find that it can turn overs into much more significant winners. So, if you see the wind is blowing out, bet on the overs team to run away with it. if you see the wind is blowing in, though, it might be a good idea to mark that down as a potential game for the little team to do well in.

Always look at the little team

One of the best ways to enjoy baseball betting is to try and bet on the underdog as much as you can. This means looking for teams with a minimum of +120 as their handicap. This is good for making sure that you can get a nice bit of income back if you are able to cover these teams enough.

You only are losing a small amount if you go for a smaller team. If you go for a bigger team, as we’ll explain below, you are risking a lot to get back very little. If you decide to go down the route of betting on a little team, then you should be much more likely to get a lot out of it.

It’s good for making sure that you can get a bit more back if you do end up getting a winning. They have a better chance of victory than we often assume, too! We suggest you these websites:

Don’t cover the favourite

Last but not least, avoid betting on the favourites as much as you can. Many people make the mistake of just going for the big teams on a regular basis. Not only are favourites always liable to split up, but they’ll normally give you shocking returns if they do manage to come in and claim a victory.

So, avoid the big teams like the Red Sox and the Cubs as they tend to be the kind of teams that get you a shocking return. Anyone with a favourite of -150 or more should be avoided, basically. While they might win more often than not, you lose more than you are likely to win back if they do come through for you. Keep that in mind, and you can avoid playing needlessly expensive bets.