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All you need to know about Babibet Sport

Babibet review

Thinking of trying out some other online sportsbook sites? Then you aren’t going to be short on options. The online sportsbook industry is utterly rife with numerous chances for you to pick up a new site to try out. One popular site that is gaining a fair amount of interest at the moment is that of Babibet.

They offer some good deals, some solid general options, and a secure and safe place for you to play. It’s also quite widely available, with some of the few countries not allowed access including Cyprus, France, and Israel. Overall, though, Babibet has grown massively in a few short years thanks to a smart approach to development. Is it right for you, though?

Babibet: bonus and promotions

First off, users who choose to try out Babibet can get some decent welcome bonuses and promotions for trying it out. One of the first bets you will get offers to is the 100% cash boost that can reach as high as €100. So, stick in €50 and you can get €100 back in ‘free’ bets to play with, albeit with numerous terms and wagering requirements to meet.

You also get some other useful promotions as you keep on playing, so this does make it worth sticking with. Usually you get some good promotions for major events, some minor cashback offers, and some other pretty useful deals that are worth considering.

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Babibet: deposit and withdrawals 

Withdrawal and deposit systems are some of the easiest to use on the web, with Babibet making it easy to get money in and out. Deposits are often instant, and withdrawals are often not far behind – though for larger withdrawals you might have a slightly longer wait than expected.

Typically, though, withdrawals and deposits are going to be easily managed. You can normally use bank and credit cards as well as various options like eWallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Some other options exist, too, so you should have no problem in using the site from that point of view.

For the most part, getting the money that you have won through betting out of your account should be a simple enough process. Withdrawal and deposit rules exist, though, so just make sure you read the on-site rules before you go ahead and commit to any kind of process.

Babibet: customer service

Customer support is nice and friendly, and you should have no problem in getting some kind of help from them. While the lack of telephone chat can annoy some, the Curacao-based platform does provide you with live chat support and e-mail support. You simply need to email if you happen to run into any issues moving forward.

At the same time, though, you might find that customer support are most easily spoken to via Live Chat. This allows for instant support and, more often than not, a quick and simple resolution to any problems that you might happen to have.

Babibet: mobile app

In terms of sportsbook mobile applications, Babibet has one of the best apps around. It’s easily used on both Android and iOS systems and it should give you all of the assistance that one could need. The mobile application itself is easy to use and navigate, and it should require no challenge to get used to working with after a short enough period of time.

The mobile app should work well on any modern mobile device, though it should also work on anything that is even recently updated. A good, solid all-around mobile experience that is kept simple.

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Virtual sports betting

The virtual sports betting side of things is always useful, and on this site you can get used to playing some virtual sports. This allows access to things like virtual tennis and football, meaning that you don’t always need to wait for a live event to start before you start trying it out.

Overall, though, the virtual sports betting side of things is very easy to use. Simply choose the sport that you wish to bet on, and you can quickly and easily place a bet. Bets are often not going to be as profitable as betting on the real thing, but it’s still fun!

Pros and Cons of Babibet


  • A high standard website with some excellent bonuses provided for betters.
  • Profitable range of bookies promotions helps to keep you in the wins.
  • High quality mobile application that allows for easy use and access all the time.
  • Simple and easy management of your money through easy withdrawal/deposit options.
  • Excellent and varied range of promotions to cover major sporting events.
  • Useful, active customer service can make getting help as easy as it should be.


  • Not enough customer support options for those who prefer to chat via phone.
  • No live streaming provided as of yet.

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